Cost Of Christmas Lighting Installation

How Much Does Christmas Lighting Installation Cost

The cost Of Christmas Lighting Installation

Getting a quote for professional Christmas lighting installation is quite easy.

First you simply take pictures of your home.

A left side picture of your home

A frontal picture of your home

And a right side picture.

Now address an email to [email protected]

In the subject line write “NEW QUOTE” This assures a quick response.

In the body of the email enter the following. (All must be double spaced)

First and Last name: (All in one line)

Complete Address: (All in one line including city and zip)

Your Phone Number:

That’s it, just send and we will develop a quote for you.

In most cases we, can have a proposal delivered same day! In the event our staff is

not able to provide a “quote” via email, an appointment will be scheduled to see your

home! Also, feel free to add your special requests.

Your quote will include the following 3 documents.

Cost to install Christmas lights Sacramento

Take the hassle and danger out of Christmas this year and call today.

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