Holiday Lighting Trees & Shrubs

Trees, Lighting Design for Christmas

BIG TREE lighting equipment Lighting trees can be the most attractive part of your Christmas design. It’s tough to go to the Pavilions Shopping area at night (off of Howe & Fair Oaks) and not be impressed! We can decorate a small Charlie Brown tree or a 45-foot redwood! Additionally, trees also offer an opportunity to add a hint of color to you proposal! A home decorated with soft clear lights and a couple of red trees is always an elegant theme.

Christmas Lighting Your Shrubs

Just when you thought you were finished, then come the shrubs and the bushes. Accenting shrubs with various colors or clear mini lights can be a fantastic finishing touch.

TREES beautiful Holiday lighting

Holiday Displays & Scenes

There is no end to what you can do with motifs. Motifs can be expensive; however, they are a wonderful way to add a theme or holiday message. If you’re considering this option, contact our sales staff for selection, price, and availability. All motifs and displays must be ordered!

Holiday display motifs

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