Why Choose a Professional Christmas Decor Company?

The Holiday season is a very hectic and stressful time for many people. Traffic, traveling and extended family at our homes are just a few factors that bring us stress. Now add in the feat of decorating your home for Christmas,,,, lights, ladders, electrical, weather, one can get overwhelmed pretty easy. If your home is on the larger side, and is 2 levels, you would be wise to hire a professional firm.

Here at Polar Lites, SAFTEY and proper equipment is at the core of everything we do. Installing holiday displays is our DNA. To say we take this job pretty serious is a vast understatement.

Our firm is all business, and our associates are outfitted and armed with an arsenal of tools and equipment. Hold on a minute,,, yes we have overheard this comment repeatedly, “you just hang some Christmas lights” right? Although this is true statement, installing large holiday displays requires careful thought, planning, and a deep box of tools and equipment.

I am reminded of a project a few years back that was installed late in the season, and our staff had to load up the sleds on a Sunday no less to deliver this amazing display. This installation took 6 experienced staff 48 hours, one long day to complete. Remember, this is just installing the project. Many days of planning, starring at pictures, and prep were completed prior to our Sunday arrival.

This project tested every tool we owned. The project, a residential 2 story home needed 2 42″ boom trucks, 2 support trucks, 6 ladders of various sizes, 5-7 climbing ropes and harnesses, and the list goes on… To say this project was tough, yes extremely tough, and this is THEE reason to hire pros.

Don’t risk the clear and present danger of getting on your roof or ladders. Remember, all the lights and cheer you install still must be removed, and with little or no cheers once the season has passed us by….

Another looming headache, where are you going to store “Rudolph”, the lights, wreaths etc.?

Even if you have the room, trying to untangle and install next year will likely be debacle on many levels, and a potential divorce…..

Polar Lights completes a profession map and details about the project, the products are all labeled clearly, organized, and stored in high quality storage totes at OUR “North Pole Headquarters”!

Choose your battles wisely, and leave this task to Polar Lites!

I am Decorating Dave, your lighting guru, and thank you for considering Polar Lites