Thanks for your interest in having holiday décor installed on your home or business by Polar Lites Inc.

Our program is a 3-year proposal, but can be cancelled at any time, by either party, as long as the account is clear. If there are any further questions, please call or email us at any time. OUR MINIMUM PRICE FOR ANY JOB IS $695.00 if we can install prior to Oct. 31st. OUT OF TOWN PROPOSALS ARE MORE.
Thank You, Gene Sherman and Paul Cuellar

  1. Insured Lighting InstallersCalifornia Workman Compensation covers OUR STAFF, UNLIKE 95% of all others in the area. POLAR LITES also carries full liability insurance for all work performed.
  2. Schedule an appointment with one of our holiday design professionals. Sometimes there is a trip/bid fee of $65.00 for bids done outside of Sacramento, collected by credit card, prior to us going to the site. If the bid is over $1000, and you approve the project, the bid fee is FREE and credited back to the card, or deducted from your bill.
  3. Our staff will assist you with decorative ideas, color themes, and evaluate the power needs during our consultation. You can expect an e-mail or fax from our staff regarding your proposal within the following two business days.
  4. The proposal will include installing, removing, mapping, boxing and free storage with one lighting season warranty of the product until the following year!
  5. The price includes materials and labor for the first year.
  6. The products are UL approved and warranted for the first season. THE LABOR IS WARRANTED FOR 90 DAYS ONLY, or one season. You will be billed for replacement bulbs, worn-out clips or light strings after the first year.
  7. Out of town work, over 10 miles from our Harvard location in the Arden Fair Mall area, has a higher price, due to traffic, labor time and fuel cost involved getting to and from the site.
  8. Polar Lites does not install customer’s products or motifs.
  9. Christmas Window TreatmentsOur professional window accents are elegant and give emphasis to the overall home décor package. We use hot glue guns to adhere the clips and lights to the window. By using this method, it insures that the windows and frames are not marred or damaged during the installation and removal of the lights. During wet weather conditions, the lights sometimes become loose, and might require a new tab or glue to reattach the light. When any of our crews are in your area, we like to keep our projects looking perfect, they will stop by and make any repairs necessary at no charge. Just call us.
  10. We provide one free service call for bulb replacements or any other glitch that might arise within one lighting season.
  11. Any service call due to sever weather damage, vandalism, owner’s electrical problems, acts of God, etc. will incur a $75.00 service-call fee.
  12. Your product will be used for three seasons. On the fourth year, if it is the old incandescent product, the product is discarded, and new product will be used for the installation with your permission. You will be billed for the new replacement product. The UL recommends that the product be replaced after 2500-3000 hours of use. If using L.E.D. bulbs, they are rated from 20,000 to 100,000 hours. The L.E.D. bulbs will last longer than the line and sockets that will require replacing every 4-6 years due to UV damage and wear.
  13. Since you own the product, the 2nd and 3rd year’s installation costs are normally 10-20% less than the first, as labor is 80-90% of the cost. At the start of the 4th year, the price goes back to the original quote, or the new price that we have negotiated. With fuel and workman comp costs always beyond our control, prices will rise accordingly, but we do keep the price the same for the first three years and make increases starting the 4th year, when possible.
  14. Most new homes use GFI protected circuits for outside circuits. We do not warrant GFI circuits from shutting down, due to rain or moisture. They are very sensitive to moisture and most of the time one can simply just push the reset button in 1-4 hours after it is dry and it will re-energize the circuit. If we are called for service and find it is our product at fault, it will be repaired at no charge. If it is just a GFI that turned off, there will a service call fee. If the problem persists, we will consult with our electrician and recommend some alternatives to solve the problem.
  15. One of the owner’s of the company, Gene Sherman, manages all crews. Polar lites has experienced 0 accidents in 12 years!


Learn About Holiday Decor Installed in Sacramento
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Learn About Holiday Decor Installed in Sacramento
Thanks for your interest in having holiday décor installed on your home or business by Polar Lites Inc. THIS IS A COMPLETE AND PROFESSIONAL HOLIDAY LIGHTING PACKAGE! YOU DON’T HAVE TO DO ANYTHING BUT ENJOY THE DÉCOR AND HONOR THE BID YOU AGREED TO.