Christmas Light Hanging Is Our Business

5 Reasons To Choose Professional Christmas Lighting Installers

  1. Established in Sacramento since 2001
  2. Fully insured to protect the safety of out workers
  3. Fully insures and trained to protect your home
  4. Equipped to do the job right using the best-quality lighting
  5. A highly-trained and experienced workforce

You don’t get this by hiring a lawn maintenance worker or handy-man that says “Sure I can do it”.

  • Established 2001: Holiday decor is our DNA, and this is all we do! We define the term, “Professional Grade”!
  • INSURED: Our firm carries Workmens Compensation insurance. Our staff is insured to be on your roof, ladders, and or in boom assisted trucks. We are not insured for chopping grass or cleaning your windows like many. Our firm also holds a general liability insurance policy. Both polices are under our legal link, with current contact information.
  • An Arsenal of Equipment: Polar Lites utilizes and owns a ridiculous amount of tools and equipment,,, and really more than any reasonable person or firm should own. Safety is our first protocol, then efficiency!
  • Polar Lites Employees are Vetted/Screened and Drug Tested: This process is very expensive, time consuming, and extremely tough in 2019. Our core leads and manager have been employed by Polar Lites for 10-25 years.

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