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Insured Lighting InstallersAt Polar Lights, our staff is equipped with some of the best tools and equipment available in the industry. Our fleet of vehicles includes two 35 foot and one 65 foot boom trucks, and two utility trucks. Each truck is carefully stocked with the proper tools and supplies to handle any situation. All trucks are equipped with climbing harnesses and ropes, thus ensuring that all high and compromising situations are handled in the safest manner possible!

Years with company- Gene has been with Polar Bear/Polar Lites since 1986.

Owner-Gene-ShermanSpecialty- Organization! Organization Freak! The reason each door, shelf and compartment is labeled, the same on each vehicle, is because he knows exactly what tools and supplies each technician will need; as a result, more efficient! Gene is also an expert on Holiday electrical. On large projects, requiring multiple power sources, his knowledge and experience is a major asset. Just look at a customer site map sometime!??

Interesting- Gene has co-owned Polar Bear, and Polar Lites since 1986. He also holds a Bachelor of Arts in management from Fort Lewis College, in Durango Colorado. When it comes to working in inclement weather, well he thinks it is sunny everyday at Polar Lites. Sometimes the staff is reluctant to work with him on rainy days; due to the fact, they know he is not coming home till the job is complete, or dark.

Hobbies- Gene enjoys skiing, mountain biking and water-skiing. If he is not on your roof, he is somewhere in Colorado, or Utah!

Years with company- Craig has been with Polar Bear/Polar Lites since 1995

Lighting-installer-CraigSpecialty- Whenever Spiderman gets into a jam, he consults Craig for information about tough situations. Craig is also one of the most accomplished window decorators we have! He is a true talent, and a pleasure to have on our staff!

Interesting Facts-Craig is an ASE certified automotive technician. Craig also loves all species of waterfowl. Ask him about Rosie’s feet some time! Kind of weird?

Hobbies-Craig enjoys basketball, water-skiing and staying in shape.

Years with company- Paul has been with Polar Bear/Polar Lites for many years
Title: Manager Specialty: Scheduling, Sales and Staff Management

PAUL-Lighting-managerPaul and I have been working together for many years, even before the inception of Polar Lites. Our road together has not always been smooth, in-fact, rough. Many reasons, yet I do feel he has found his way.. Current day, our relationship is stronger than it has ever been. Stay the course!!

Paul grew up here in the greater Sacramento. His vast knowledge, directions, and knowing the area better than most, is a major asset. He is the brains and know-how that schedules all of our projects. This is a mind bending task. Weather, zip codes, staff, job size, and required equipment all come into “play”. Now add in that all this has to be scheduled in a 45 day window,,, uhhh?
When he asks for a early installation date,,,, urrrr, he asking because we are “pinned”.

During the summer months, Paul also handles outside sales for Polar Lites. Even though our “sleds” are parked, Polar Lites still has many details he tends too….

He also is the first line between the staff and me. When you are forging “the path ahead”, having a qualified person field those questions is a tremendous help. This is a 2 way road, as I too have to back his decisions 100%. I got your back Paul.
This enables me to improve upon our overall business strategy, such as R&D, “estimator concept”, etc.

Hobbies: We still have 2 hold out bachelors, Craig and Gene, Paul does not fit into the prior category, he is a full time dad, and a loving husband to his beautiful wife Lisa. Stay strong Lisa! When Paul has some free time, he is sliding into 3rd base for his softball team!!! Easy “Pete Rose”…


Years with company- Paul had been with Polar Bear/Polar Lites since 1992. Paul passed away peacefully on Feb. 12, 2011.

Paul handled all incoming phone calls and appointments during the holiday seasons. If you had ever called in and thought you were talking to a professional radio personality, you were, and you were talking to Paul. He had extensive knowledge of owning and operating various businesses in Ca. and his input over the years has been vital. Paul also orchestrated the removal of the lights in January! Paul was a pleasure to have on our staff and to work with. He was a trusted friend and mentor. We all miss him daily.

Hobbies- Paul kept his retirement days busy playing golf and helping us here at Polar Lites.

Years with company- Ron (my dad) has been with Polar Bear/Polar Lites since, well he started it! He has been in the automotive trade since 1951, and owned his own company since 1973.   Sadly Ron Passed away this year.

Ron ShermanSpecialty- Ron managed the office and scheduling for years but now is retired and still living in Colorado where he does business consulting for us and other firms in Colorado. He is enjoying his very busy retirement.

Interesting Facts- If you ever go hunting with Ron, bring your shovel or another truck, as he thinks his 69 Chevy camper can plow through anything, yet we always seem to get stuck! REAL STUCK!

Hobbies- Ron enjoys riding and being around horses! He has raised good 1/4 horses for many years. He also enjoys old western movies, traveling, and tinkering on the computer.

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