Commercial Decorative Lighting

Commercial LightingWe offer decorative lighting products for commercial buildings, and malls. These patented Low Voltage Festoon Lighting systems have been designed to provide a safe and energy efficient solution for permanent decorative lighting. If you need to attract more attention to your location, these products offer an attractive alternative to inherently high maintenance and power costs of standard 110-voltage lighting systems. This product should be considered an investment, as the average life span of our festoons/bulb is 15-20 years! The Lyons Mall (corner of Fair Oaks and Fulton) and the Palisades Mall (Off Taylor Rd in Roseville) are excellent examples of this product, and were installed 12 years ago!!! If you are spending money decorating your business for the holiday season, this is a solution to having your building stand out year round! Samples of the product are available upon request.


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