Hiring Professional Christmas Lighting Installers Sacramento

Hiring a “Professional” Holiday Decor Company

Our client list has averaged around 220 customers consistently since 2005. Our attention to detail is impeccable, and all of our installations are completed inside of a 45 day period. In most cases, the above demands are enough to deter most. Now add in tough weather, steep roofs, and the occasional “Sled” mechanicals. These circumstances can make it a daunting task. Yes, big boom trucks do break, and boom trucks are extremely expensive to repair. This is even with an obscene amount of care and maintenance.

Choosing the correct professional decor company is very important as we are not all created
equally. Many points should factor into your choice, prior to making your decision. Below is
what separates Polar Lites from other firms:

We carry the proper General Liability and Worker’s comp insurance. So what is correct or proper insurance? First, a general Liability policy that is a minimum 1,000,000, 2,000,000 aggregate, enough to rebuild your home if it burns to the ground and MOST IMPORTANTLY,,,, OUR ASSOCIATES ARE CLASSIFIED TO ACTUALLY BE ON YOUR ROOF. THIS DESIGNATION IS 9529 via California State fund. Simply put, our employees are rated and insured to be on ladders and on your roof, not like others that may only be classified for mowing your yard., washing some windows etc.. This classification is extremely expensive, and tough to obtain. This detail is one of the differences between hiring some person or xyz company to hang a few lights on your home, vs hiring a professional company like Polar Lites. We know of no other firm in Sacramento, a decor company that also carries the 9529 signature.. Something to
consider for sure.

Polar Lites is a properly licensed Company: OPERATING UNDER A “SPECIALTY” BUSINESS LICENSE SPB-1-2012-00747

Polar Bear (DBA) Polar Lites was established in 1986, and has been a professional decor firm since 2001. We are a valued member of the BBB, and a have an A rating. Polar Lites owns an arsenal of high quality equipment and trucks to assure our crews are safe and extremely efficient. We own several utility boom trucks, (Our Sleds). Polar Lites is a small family owned company in Sacramento. Several key members of our staff have been with our firm for 10-18 years.

Every season, Polar Lites completes many proposals, and agrees to about 15-20 new projects.
We inevitably run into the scenario of another xyz firm quotes around $495, and our proposal was double or more. A great potential client, however, understands the quality of our products and service and enjoys the safety and security of trusting their home decorating to Polar Lites.

So the next time you inquire about Holiday Lighting, consider the price of course, but also inquire if the firm is Profession Grade!

This is Decorating Dave, your holiday lighting guru, and thanks for considering Polar Lites.