Testimonials – Our Christmas Light Installers

“When Gene and his staff pulled up to our home, I knew my family made the right choice.”  “The staff was professional in appearance, and they have the right equipment and knowledge to do the job right.” Before they started the job, the staff installed fresh towels on each ladder, as a result they did not mar the white paint on our home!” First Class!

Mr. Freeburg

 Polar Lites, Christmas Lights & Decorations, Sacramento, CA

“I was debating installing my own holiday lights on our new home.”  My wife and I even had a disagreement about this issue.”  “She indicated that if I got injured installing the lights, we would have to sell our dream home.”  “After pondering her point, and the fact that our new home is enormous, I called Polar Lites.  After seeing there equipment, and professionalism, we made the right choice!”


“They were expensive.”  “In the past, I have had another company installing my lights.”  “They broke up my tile roof, and the lights never worked right.”  “Polar Lites offered a holiday proposal, and delivered!”  “They repaired my broken tiles, added a color theme, added accents to the ridges of my home, and not a single issue with the lights turning off!”  “The display was eye-catching, and they took special care to not damage my home during the installation or take-down process.”

Cindy C.
Eldorado Hills

“This was our first year with Polar Lites.”  Our particular installation date was drawing close to Christmas, thus not a lot of time, and the weather was awful.”  “The staff notified me that they would not be able to install our décor on the scheduled date, due to adverse weather conditions.”  “The following day, Gene, Craig, and enough equipment and product to complete 3 homes arrived at my door.”  “The weather was horrible, yet they were able to work through some the hardest wind and rain I have seen in a long time.”  “Our yard was being landscaped; as a result, mud was everywhere.”  “I watched Gene install wet, but clean towels on the end of the ladders, thus ensuring that the side of my home did not look like the yard.”  “The staff did it safe, and in conditions that required the right gear, and the pure desire to make it happen!”  “First Class”
“Thank You!”

Kevin R.
Shingle Springs