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Sacramento Christmas Lighting Quote

Cost Of Christmas Lighting Installation

How Much Does Christmas Lighting Installation Cost
The cost Of Christmas Lighting Installation

Getting a quote for professional Christmas lighting installation is quite easy.

First you simply take pictures of your home.

A left side picture of your home

A frontal picture of your home

And a right side picture.

Now address an email to [email protected]

In the subject line write “NEW QUOTE” This assures a quick response.

In the body of the email enter the following. (All must be double spaced)

First and Last name: (All in one line)

Complete Address: (All in one line including city and zip)

Your Phone Number:

That’s it, just send and we will develop a quote for you.

In most cases we, can have a proposal delivered same day! In the event our staff is

not able to provide a “quote” via email, an appointment will be scheduled to see your

home! Also, feel free to add your special requests.

Your quote will include the following 3 documents.

Take the hassle and danger out of Christmas this year and call today.

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High-Quality Christmas Lighting

High-Quality Christmas Lighting For The Do-It-Yourself Folks

Do you enjoy installing holiday displays like our “Elves” do? Did you know Polar Lites has most
of our “Professional Grade” Christmas lighting products avail for purchase on our website,

Today, even if you go on-line and or to Home Depot, you will still invest a bucket of money.
L.E.D. products are not cheap, and purchasing xyz stuff off a shelf is rolling the dice for sure.
Most of us would not purchase a $500 suite or dress without trepidation, and trying the
garment on first. So why do you just shovel 10 boxes of lights into your cart without knowing the
quality and longevity. STOP…….. This will cost you…., heck we too made the same dumb
decisions 16 years ago…

Every tool and product you purchase from Polar Lites has not only been tested for 16 years,
some of our “signature” items were developed, tested by Polar Lites. Many of our original
globes from 2009 are still operating today,,,, urrrr 9 years later. Simply put, we use these
products everyday and they are the absolute best. The list is endless’ as a result, you will all
need special clips, the correct clips, the correct lights, and numerous supplies to complete even
the most basic holiday display.

Perhaps the biggest benefit of using our time tested products, your time! Efficiency is at the
core of every single thing we do. You will save hours if not days of time. The real cost is your
time multiplied by YOUR Hours wasted time of not having anything you really need!

Call our staff today, and one of our installation “Wizards” can assist you! Buy it once, buy the
exact product you will need,,,,, and rest easy you have the best!


Hiring Professional Christmas Lighting Installers

Hiring Professional Christmas Lighting Installers Sacramento

Hiring a “Professional” Holiday Decor Company
Our client list has averaged around 220 customers consistently since 2005. Our attention to detail is impeccable, and all of our installations are completed inside of a 45 day period. In most cases, the above demands are enough to deter most. Now add in tough weather, steep roofs, and the occasional “Sled” mechanicals. These circumstances can make it a daunting task. Yes, big boom trucks do break, and boom trucks are extremely expensive to repair. This is even with an obscene amount of care and maintenance.

Choosing the correct professional decor company is very important as we are not all created
equally. Many points should factor into your choice, prior to making your decision. Below is
what separates Polar Lites from other firms:

We carry the proper General Liability and Worker’s comp insurance. So what is correct or proper insurance? First, a general Liability policy that is a minimum 1,000,000, 2,000,000 aggregate, enough to rebuild your home if it burns to the ground and MOST IMPORTANTLY,,,, OUR ASSOCIATES ARE CLASSIFIED TO ACTUALLY BE ON YOUR ROOF. THIS DESIGNATION IS 9529 via California State fund. Simply put, our employees are rated and insured to be on ladders and on your roof, not like others that may only be classified for mowing your yard., washing some windows etc.. This classification is extremely expensive, and tough to obtain. This detail is one of the differences between hiring some person or xyz company to hang a few lights on your home, vs hiring a professional company like Polar Lites. We know of no other firm in Sacramento, a decor company that also carries the 9529 signature.. Something to
consider for sure.

Polar Lites is […]

Have Christmas Lighting Installed

Why Choose a Professional Christmas Decor Company?

The Holiday season is a very hectic and stressful time for many people. Traffic, traveling and extended family at our homes are just a few factors that bring us stress. Now add in the feat of decorating your home for Christmas,,,, lights, ladders, electrical, weather, one can get overwhelmed pretty easy. If your home is on the larger side, and is 2 levels, you would be wise to hire a professional firm.

Here at Polar Lites, SAFTEY and proper equipment is at the core of everything we do. Installing holiday displays is our DNA. To say we take this job pretty serious is a vast understatement.

Our firm is all business, and our associates are outfitted and armed with an arsenal of tools and equipment. Hold on a minute,,, yes we have overheard this comment repeatedly, “you just hang some Christmas lights” right? Although this is true statement, installing large holiday displays requires careful thought, planning, and a deep box of tools and equipment.

I am reminded of a project a few years back that was installed late in the season, and our staff had to load up the sleds on a Sunday no less to deliver this amazing display. This installation took 6 experienced staff 48 hours, one long day to complete. Remember, this is just installing the project. Many days of planning, starring at pictures, and prep were completed prior to our Sunday arrival.

This project tested every tool we owned. The project, a residential 2 story home needed 2 42″ boom trucks, 2 support trucks, 6 ladders of various sizes, 5-7 climbing ropes and harnesses, and the list goes on… To say this project was tough, yes extremely tough, […]